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We have weekly open matches every Wednesday & Saturday, to book on please contact Ed on 07890447789

For club Matches please check availability/booking of matches with site bailiff Mike on 07957 299907.

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🔥Sunday 26th Match 2023🔥
Silvers Results,
Dragon Pool,
1st Charlie Smith -peg16- 45lb 4oz
2nd Dave Boswell -peg8- 38lb 3oz
3rd Kevin William’s -peg10- 25lb 11oz
4th Shaun Street -peg19- 18lb 3oz
❄️Sunday 26th March Open Results 2023🥶
1st Ross Johnson -peg13- 71lb 11oz
2nd Dave Knight -peg8- 50lb 13oz
3rd Clive Nixon -peg4- 50lb
4th Mike Mold -peg10- 44lb 6oz
5th Andy Randals -peg16- 40lb 11oz
6th Carl Sharp -peg19- 40lb 10oz
7th Dan Deakin -peg23- 37lb 14oz
8th Al Slater -peg21- 32lb 4oz
💨Saturday 25th March Open Results 2023 ☔️
1st Dan Deakin -peg14- 146lb
2nd Paul Truman -peg10- 93lb 5oz
3rd Robin Dale -peg18- 81lb 6oz
4th Elliot Knight -peg8- 72lb 11oz
5th Alan Vear -peg16- 70lb 11oz
6th Chris Statham -peg12- 70lb 7oz
7th Dave Knight -peg26- 70lb 2oz
8th Jonny Newton -peg24- 68lb
Ian Chadwick -peg1- 68lb
9th Dave Child’s -peg4- 50lb 2oz
10th Tank -peg6- 49lb 14oz
💨Wednesday 22nd March 2023 💨
1st Steve Askey -peg22- 112lb 10oz
2nd Mike Mold -peg26- 99lb 11oz
3rd John Moore -peg18- 97lb 15oz
4th Tom Cunningham -peg14- 87lb 7oz
5th Dan Deakin -peg20- 82lb 14oz
6th Pete Vernon -peg16- 78lb 7oz
7th Neville Graves -peg6- 77lb 13oz
Sunday 19th Match 2023
Silvers Results,
Dragon Pool,
1st Charlie Smith -peg20- 22lb 12oz
2nd Andrew Spearman -peg17- 22lb 9oz
3rd Steve Hanson -peg12- 15lb 6oz
4th Eliot Knight -peg14- 13lb 3oz
5th Phil Rogers -peg19- 9lb 2oz
🔥Saturday 18th March Open Results 2023 🔥
1st Ian Haynes -peg14- 167lb
2nd Paul Holland -peg8- 144lb 14oz
3rd Pete Vernon -peg11- 132lb
4th Tank -peg18- 121lb 13oz
5th Nick Mount -peg9- 112lb 8oz
6th Dave Powell -peg17- 110lb 5oz
7th Paul Truman -peg19- 95lb
8th Dave Childs -peg1- 92lb 4oz
9th Bob williams -peg26- 89lb 10oz
10th Elliot Knight -peg22- 85lb 9oz
11th Paul Gratage -peg24- 79lb 11oz
12th Jack Arblaster -peg4- 79lb 5oz
13th Dave Knight -peg20- 78lb 14oz
14th Jason Jones -peg23- 72lb 2oz
15th Tom Cunningham -peg3- 64lb 5oz
16th Stu Ellis -peg7- 61lb 6oz
17th Brian Johnstone -peg16- 43lb 5oz
Thursday 16th March 2023,
DAY 2 of the two day silvers festival,
Dragon Pool,
1st Matthew Powell -peg15- 37lb 7oz
2nd Matt Aldritt -peg8- 16lb 7oz
3rd Dave Ashdown -peg14- 16lb 5oz
4th Mark Wilton -peg16- 13lb 9oz
5th Colin Talbot -peg3- 12lb 7oz
6th Clive Poole -peg20- 11lb 8oz
7th Mark Capewell -peg6- 11lb 5oz
8th Mark Besant -peg2- 6lb 13oz
1. Colin Talbot -peg3- 12lb 7oz
2. Rob Mallibone -peg11- 1lb 4oz
3. Mark Wilton -peg16- 13lb 9oz
1st Matthew Powell 84lb 12oz
2nd Mark Capewell 40lb 1oz
3rd Dave Ashdown 27lb 6oz
4th Matt Aldritt 24lb 9oz
5th Clive Poole 24lb 4oz
6th Mark Wilton 23lb 2oz
7th Colin Talbot 21lb 2oz
Wednesday 15th March 2023,
DAY 1 of the two day silvers festival,
Dragon Pool,
1st Matthew Powell -peg8- 47lb 5oz
2nd Mark Capewell -peg21- 28lb 12oz
3rd Robert Mallibone peg16- 13lb 12oz
4th Clive poole -peg20- 12lb 12oz
5th Dave Ashdown -peg15- 11lb 1oz
6th Mark Wilton -peg5- 9lb 9oz
7th Carl Westwood -peg3- 9lb 7oz
8th Colin Talbot -peg14- 8lb 11oz
9th Dave Brown -peg4- 8lb 5oz
10th Matt Alldritt -peg7- 8lb 2oz
11th Mick Wheatley -peg11- 7lb 1oz
12th Mark Besant -peg13- 7lb
1. Matthew Powell -peg8- 47lb 5oz
2. Mark Capewell -peg21- 28lb 12oz
3. Mark Wilton -peg5- 9lb 9oz
🥶 Wednesday 8th March 2023 🥶
Silvers Results,
Dragon Pool,
1st Mark Capewell -peg8- 61lb
2nd Kevin Williams -peg18- 25lb
3rd Dave Brown -peg19- 17lb 15oz
4th Mark Wilton -peg7- 15lb 3oz
5th Steve Askey -peg4- 12lb 13oz
🔥🔥Saturday 4th March Open Results 2023 🔥🔥
1st Robin Dale -peg18- 154lb 1oz
2nd Dave Powell -peg10- 124lb 1oz
3rd Chris Newton -peg8- 117lb 12oz
4th Charlie Smith -peg2- 104lb 14oz
5th Carl Sharp -peg12- 104lb 13oz
6th Ted Ecclestone -peg26- 98lb 15oz
7th Mark Besant -peg16- 95lb 4oz
8th Dave Childs -peg6- 94lb 15oz
9th Tom Cunningham -peg4- 83lb 10oz
10th Mike Mold -peg20- 73lb 12oz
11th Pete Vernon -peg22- 58lb 12oz
12th Paul Bland -peg24- 47lb 8oz
13th Lyndon Parkes -peg14- 43lb 6oz
14th Paul Truman -peg28- 39lb 5oz
Saturday 24th September Open Results
Dragon Pool,
1st Pete Vernon -peg16- 105lb 13oz
2nd Rich Pedlar -peg9- 97lb 14oz
3rd Dave Child’s -peg18- 81lb 5oz
4th Mark Capewell -peg13- 79lb 5oz (29lb 10oz Silvers) BP
Carney’s Costcutter open results 14/9/22
Dragon Pool,
1st Tom Cunningham -peg7- 194lb 14oz
2nd Mike Mold -peg16- 173lb 6oz
3rd Harry Lawrence -peg20- 74lb 11oz
4th Mark Stanaway -peg14- 74lb 8oz
Wednesday 7th Sept, Cost-cutter results
Dragon Pool,
1st Tom Cunningham -peg20- 150lb 13oz
2nd Keith Miller -peg15- 147lb 12oz
3rd Mike Mold -peg2- 102lb 6oz
4th Kev Gear -peg16- 94lb 15oz
5th Andrew Cleary -peg7- 91lb 8oz BP
1st Steve Tayler -peg9- 32lb 14oz
Bank Holiday Monday open match results 29/8/22
Dragon Pool,
1st Paul Truman -peg16- 130lb 2oz
2nd Chris Newton -peg20- 101lb 12oz
3rd Jamie Burt -peg18- 97lb 10oz
4th Ryan Burgwin -peg13- 90lb 3oz
5th Tom Cunningham -peg5- 89lb 2oz
Saturday bonus peg Open Match results 27/8/22
Dragon Pool,
1st Mike Mold -peg4- 99lb 5oz
2nd Warron Russon -peg16- 98lb 4oz
3rd Jason Elwell -peg2- 92lb 3oz
4th Dave Child’s -peg6- 84lb 13oz
5th Chris Newton -peg20- 75lb 8oz
Carney’s Costcutter open results 24th August
Dragon Pool,
1st Mike Mold -peg16- 119lb 12oz
2nd Gareth Unwin -peg7- 95lb 8oz
3rd Tom Cunningham -peg2- 85lb 11oz
4th Kev Gear -peg20- 80lb 4oz
Saturday open match results 20/08/22
Dragon Pool,
1st Paul Truman -peg2- 183lb 12oz
2nd Dave Child’s -peg4- 146lb 5oz
3rd Mike Mold -peg20- 123lb 12oz
*New Silvers Venue Record*
Ted Ecclestone -peg16- 38lb 11oz
Carney’s Costcutter open results 17th August
Dragon Pool,
1st Ryan Burgwin -peg15- 120lb 6oz
2nd Mike Mold -peg16- 118lb 8oz
3rd Tom Cunningham -peg2- 114lb 12oz
4th Ian Conway -peg21- 107lb 7oz
5th Keith Miller -peg9- 103lb 12oz
Saturday open match results 13/08/22
Dragon Pool,
1st Paul Truman -peg18- 157lb 5oz
2nd Tom Cunningham -peg3- 127lb 4oz
3rd Billy Stone -peg16- 113lb 2oz
4th Bryan Moore -peg20- 98lb 7oz
5th Elliot Knight -peg1- 89lb 10oz
6th Dave Child’s -peg5- 72lb 15oz
Open match results 6/8/22
Dragon Pool,
1st Jason Elwell -peg9- 154lb 13oz
2nd Ryan Burgwin -peg2- 141lb 4oz
3rd Paul Truman -peg20- 140lb 2oz
4th Matt Richardson -peg16- 106lb 3oz
5th Paul Bland -peg15- 86lb 6oz
6th Warron Russon -peg7- 84lb 6oz
7th Chris Baugh -peg18- 81lb 8oz
8th Dave Child’s -peg 11- 79lb 14oz
Friday evening open 05/08/22
Dragon Pool, (4,30 hours)
1st Ryan Pickett -peg7- 180lb 5oz
2nd Mike Mold -peg15- 141lb 11oz
3rd Tom Cunningham -peg16- 124lb 9oz
4th Harry Lawerence -peg19- 98lb 4oz
5th Kev Gear -peg11- 96lb 6oz
6th Linden Pickett -peg18- 70lb 9oz
Carney’s Costcutter open results 3rd August
Dragon Pool,
1st Tom Cunningham -peg8- 126lb
2nd Keith Miller -peg16- 121lb 1oz
3rd Kev Gear -peg13- 91lb 2oz
4th TED ECCLESTONE -peg14- 90lb 14oz
5th Andrew Spearman -peg21- 77lb 1oz
6th Gareth Unwin -peg20- 65lb 14oz
7th Pete Vernon -peg18- 61lb 13oz
Open match results Sunday 17/07/22
Dragon Pool,
1st John Brown -peg21- 138lb 10oz
2nd Tom Cunningham -peg6- 118lb 13oz
3nd Jake Robinson -peg2- 108lb 11oz
4th Mike Mold -peg4- 78lb 5oz
5th Richard Mynett -peg18- 70lb 1oz
Open match results 16/07/22
Dragon Pool,
1st Matt Maddocks -peg13- 115lb 2oz
2nd Paul Trueman -peg19- 97lb 7oz
3rd Ryan Burgwin -peg11- 95lb 5oz
4th Mike Mold -peg15- 94lb 5oz
5th Ash Davis -peg3- 73lb 3oz
6th Tom Cunningham -peg2- 72lb 7oz
7th Dave Child’s -peg5- 71lb 12oz
8th Graham Fox -peg21- 70lb 8oz
Open match results 09/07/22
Dragon Pool,
1st Paul Truman -peg11- 113lb 15oz
2nd Tom Cunningham -peg18- 113lb 11oz
3rd Dave Child’s -peg20- 113lb 7oz
4th Matt Maddocks -peg16- 92lb 6oz

5th Mike Mold -peg4- 77lb 15oz

Friday evening open 08/7/22
Damsel Pool, (4,30 hours)
1st Leon Murphy -peg6- 114lb 9oz
2nd Harry Lawrence -peg16- 97lb 13oz
3rd Ian Conway -peg14- 76lb
4th Tom Cunningham -peg11- 70lb 2oz
Open match results 2/7/22
Dragon & Damsel Pool,
1st David Child’s -peg10- 127lb 4oz DA
2nd Paul Trueman -peg20- 110lb 2oz DR
3rd Keith Miller -peg18- 94lb 7oz DR
4th Matt Maddocks -peg17- 86lb 5oz DA
3 Section Winners,
1. Matt Maddocks -peg17- 86lb 5oz DA
2. Darren Kent -peg14- 52lb 14oz DR
3. Tom Cunningham -peg11- 47lb 11oz DR

Jubilee pairs 2 day festival,

Damsel Pool Saturday,
1st Ryan Burgwin -peg10- 115lb 7oz
2nd Mike Mold -peg2- 98lb 13oz
3rd Dave Powell -peg9- 92lb 5oz
Dragon Pool Sunday,
1st Ryan Burgwin -peg15- 190lb
2nd Charlie Smith -peg16- 111lb 3oz
3rd Kev Gear -peg4- 83lb 12oz
Pairs weights overall,
1st Ryan Burgwin & Rob Burgwin 376lb 8oz
2nd Mike Mold & Kevin Gear 253lb 10oz
3rd Dave Powell & Harry Farrington 241lb 3oz
Saturday 23rd April 
Dragon Pool
1st Jason Elwell -peg9- 161lb 13oz
2nd Mark Wilton -peg 21- 96lb 8oz
3rd Warren Russon-peg17- 80lb 12oz
4th Rich Pedlar -peg5- 74lb 7oz
5th Tom Cunningham -peg13- 71lb 6oz
Silvers – 1st Jason Elwell -peg9- 31lb 11oz
                2nd Kev Gear -peg6- 22lb 10oz
Bank holidays Monday 18th April
1st Jack Arblaster -peg14- 145lb 3oz
2nd Jake Robinson -peg5- 128lb 4oz
3rd Andrew Spearman -peg15- 101lb 6oz
4th Correy Darlington -peg12- 89lb 5oz
5th Jake Jenkins -peg7- 77lb 9oz
Silvers – 1st Jack Arblaster -peg14- 27lb 2oz
Carney’s Easter festival results April 15th & 16th 2022 🐣
Dragon Pool,
Day 1,
1st Ryan Burgwin -peg3- 128lb 5oz
2nd Jake Robinson -peg7- 127lb 2oz
3rd Jase Jones -peg16- 109lb 10oz
4th Mike Mold -peg2- 99lb 3oz
5th Ricky Ratcliffe -peg20- 96lb 13oz
6th Jason Elwell -peg17- 74lb 12oz
Day 2,
1st Ryan Burgwin -peg7- 199lb 2oz
2nd Jake Robinson -peg20- 124lb 14oz
3rd Kevin Gear -peg21- 103lb 10oz
4th Jason Elwell -peg5- 97lb 2oz
5th Tom Cunningham -peg15- 75lb 14oz
6th Mark Davis -peg9- 67lb 1oz
1st Ryan Burgwin 327lb 7oz
2nd Jake Robinson 252lb
3rd Jason Elwell 171lb 14oz
4th Mike Mold 156lb 6oz
5th Jase Jones 152lb 3oz
6th Ricky Ratcliffe 146lb 12oz

Saturday 9th April 2022
Dragon Pool
1st Kevin Gear -peg7- 120lb 8oz
2nd Gavin Redhead -peg5- 53lb 7oz
3rd Ian Conway -peg3- 52lb 6oz

Silvers – 1st Jack Arblaster -peg16- 28lb 10oz
                2nd Phil Beveridge -peg13- 24lb 15oz
Saturday 2nd April 2022
Overall Winner,
Paul Bland -peg16- 60lb 10oz (damsel)
1st Jake Jenkings -peg10- 50lb 13oz
2nd Mark Stanaway -peg14- 49lb 9oz
3rd Tom Cunnington -peg7- 41lb 9oz
1st Mike Mold -peg15- 59lb 1oz
2nd Kevin Gear -peg13- 46lb 2oz
3rd Mark Davis -peg17- 38lb 9oz
1st Mike Mold -peg15- 20lb 9oz
2nd Jack Arblaster -peg2- 20lb 7oz
3rd Nigel Taylor -peg9- 19lb 9oz

 Saturday 26th March 2022
1st Mark Davis -peg 2- 113lb 13oz
2nd Gaz Roberts -peg 20- 89lb 12oz
3rd Phillip Nelson -peg 21- 73lb 8oz
Silvers – 1st Kelvin King -peg 10- 22lb 4oz

Saturday 19th March 2022
1st Dave Powell -peg 7- 110lb 15oz
2nd Kevin Gear -peg 21- 57lb 6oz
3rd Warron Russon -peg 14- 49lb 1oz
Silvers – 1st Ian Haynes -peg 15- 29lb 2oz


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